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We live in a performance oriented society! Who of you doesn't know the situation? You chase one goal all year round, and as soon as you have achieved it, the next one follows. The principle of our performance oriented lifestyle says that if we set goals and achieve them then we are successful, then we are happy ... then we are productive!

As a business psychologist, I work with a wide variety of companies, whether small or international. I am not telling you anything new when I say that the demands on a company and its employees have changed extremely and are still changing. What I notice more and more is that there are only little changes in the methods we use. We live in the information age! Everyone speaks of "people in the center", but we still think and act according to the management teachings of the industrialization age. But to be productive as a human being, new approaches are needed.


"The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."

Quote: Albert Einstein

It is not just about mastering the technical challenges, it is just as important to redesign the way we deal with each other. How do we want to work together in the future? How do we deal with each other? How do we develop? All of these are questions of corporate culture and must be answered.


A corporate culture is as complex as the number of its employees, everyone is part of it. In order to change this culture, there is no need for an external approach, this change has to develop from the inside. A culture characterized by optimism, confidence and cohesion has a direct impact on the commitment and willingness to change of its employees and thus on productivity.


Together with my colleague (, I developed a concept for you, the so-called #OZZeffekt, in which I optimally accompany you as a coach through this process in 4 phases. You can find more information on our YouTube Channel.

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"Sonja überzeugt durch empathisches Auftreten.

Ihr Arbeitsstil ist frisch und aktivierend."

"Sonja lässt sich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen und

findet immer wieder den Weg zurück zur aktuell behandelten Thematik."

"Sonja begegnet Personen

auf Augenhöhe

und bleibt bodenständig.

Eine Powerfrau mit

guter Energie!

Ihre Workshops und Coachingstunden haben Mehrwert."

"Sonja ist vielseitig interessiert, sucht nach neuen Herausforderungen und beeindruckt durch fundiertes Fachwissen."

"Sonja unterstützt auf innovative und kreative Weise beim Ermöglichen der erwünschten Zukunft. Empfehlung!"

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